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GDC Panel on Solo Development: “Restrictions make creativity blossom”

There was a great panel on solo game development at GDC 2022. We might be a bit biased since two of the panelists (Joe Winter and Tomas Sala) already shared their story on this website. Plus, PreMortem.Games editor in chief Eric Bartelson moderated the panel.

Please check out the complete session in the video below. You learn some valuable lessons with the insights and stories the developers share. The panelists are Megan Fox (Skatebird), Joe Winter (Song of Iron), Neil Jones (Aerial Knight’s Never Yield) and Tomas Sala (The Falconeer).

Hear the developers talk about a wide range of topics like organising the work flow, dealing with post launch blues, keeping motivated and whether they will keep going as a solo developer. (Spoiler: one of them will not.)

The rest of the panel.

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