Friday, December 9, 2022

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Lost in Play by Happy Juice Games looks like a cartoon “Animation is about small details”

Lost in Play is a cartoony point-and-click adventure from Happy Juice Games. The game stands out from the crowd through its incredible artwork, fluid...

Skyrim-dev Nate Purkeypile goes solo and makes a heavy metal horror game

After 18 years in the games industry, including 14 years at Bethesda, Nate Purkeypile decided it was time for a change. He had been...


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Playdead dev Brett Taylor goes solo (again) “Big heart stuff”

He’s done it before and now he’s doing it again. In 2015 Brett Taylor left his job as game developer at Arkadium to start...

Hubris VR by Cyborn is the first step in a multi-platform spanning IP

With the release of Hubris VR a tiny part of a much larger sci-fi universe is revealed. A project that was initiated years ago...

End-of-year Steam insights and tips: 14 new tags and calculate your payout

In the run-up to Christmas, Steam Data Suite shares some clever insights into the inner workings of PC’s biggest distribution platform Steam as well...

Gaming continues to drive VR growth, revenues will double in 2024

Gaming has always been and will continue to be the key driver in Virtual Reality’s growth.

Program Director Heather Chandler: “I’m always on the hunt for speakers”

Regular readers know that we partner with IndieGameBusiness (IGB) in its mission to educate developers about the business of making games. The December edition...

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