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Join IndieGameBusiness Sessions today and tomorrow online – it’s free!

In a couple of hours the next edition of the IndieGameBusiness Sessions will start. You can still join because the entire event is held online. Plus it’s free! And that’s exactly the point. Jay Powell started the event for all companies and professionals that don’t have the time or resources to travel around the world to attend the big conferences. 

The IGB sessions was actually the first fully online conference and will continue in this format. This edition’s online sessions topics are diverse as ever, ranging from building IP, marketing talks, advice on how to better prepare for pitches, talks on diversity and culture and much more.

Not just white men

Speaking of diversity, this year’s edition is more diverse than ever. “We work extremely hard to make sure we have great representation from all walks of the industry. I’ve always been adamant about the fact that we can’t have a proper conference when all the panels and the speakers are stocked with white men like me”, says Powell.  

Check out the full program of the sessions here. Sign up for all the sessions here. And there is a small fee to use the matchmaking services of MeetToMatch. Representatives from developers, publishers, investors, marketing firms and more will be available for meetings.


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