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MeetToMatch redesign helps to discover new games

MeetToMatch, the event service for game conferences, have made significant improvements to their platform. By upgrading to an experiential design with new features that allow more emphasis on showcases for games, products and services, it now presents a fully integrated solution for all game events.

Users can now add showcase items to their profile. That can be games, products or services. The system provides a richer user experience by adding embedded youtube- or vimeo videos, artwork and photos. To enhance discoverability users can tag the showcases using over 150 game industry related tags. The tagging system allows organisers to filter the showcases in order to present them to a specific targeted audience. For example, this way it’s easy to set up a country- or region specific showcase.

Muliple color themes can be set to resemble an event’s brand atmosphere best.

Live streaming

With the new design MeetToMatch continues their pivot from a mere meeting planning system to a full event platform. Users will now be able to discover session information or game showcases on their dashboard and easily schedule meetings or plan sessions all from within the accompanying app. The dashboard also allows for live streaming video, so users can check out the live content as it is happening.

The big change from the meeting system to the full event platform was made to prevent users from having to use multiple apps during an event. Event organisers can offer their users one single solution for all their planning and scheduling needs. With the added color scheme option, event organisers can match the design of the platform and the accompanying app to their own event branding. Simultaneously the end user has an optimised experience by having to use only the one app.

More improvements

MeetToMatch co-founder Fedor van Herpen is happy with the expanded functionality of the platform. He says that more improvements are planned: “Many of our clients have used our technology for over 10 years now. So to make sure everybody can still find all the functions they are used to, we have decided to gradually implement the new design. In the coming months we will ease our users into the new and improved platform.”

The new MeetToMatch platform will make its debut during the Indigo event in The Netherlands, on June 25. To experience the platform’s improved features and functionalities make sure to buy a ticket for the online only event on https://indigoshowcase.nl/.


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