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Anima Flux is a co-op Metroidvania with a retro-futuristic visual flair

Anima Flux, the latest game by studio Anima Flux, is exploring new territories in gaming. According to Andrey Songraf, Game Designer and Product Owner, this makes them pioneers of sorts. “We set ourselves a very difficult and ambitious goal that no one else has ever set before, to combine Metroidvania with co-op gameplay.”

Anima Flux started as an idea for a visual novel or an interactive comic. However, after experimenting with different formats, it evolved into a platformer and a Metroidvania genre game,” says Songraf. This evolution was driven by the team’s ambition to combine the Metroidvania genre with cooperative gameplay, a combination rarely seen before. “This innovative solution sets our game apart from others, also considering that our game focuses on a strong narrative.”

The visual flair of Anima Flux is another standout feature. “Our visual style draws inspiration from the retro-futurism of the 1980s and 90s and the dark, dystopian space world we envisioned,” Songraf explains. The game employs hand-drawn animated cutscenes to enhance its narrative, providing players with a detailed, dark world. “The hand-drawn animated cutscenes are crucial to the main storyline. They immerse players in the features and dangers of humanity’s last stronghold, allowing them to experience essential elements of the plot.”

Ironic dialogues

The game’s setting is carefully crafted, with each scene contributing to the overall dark cosmic atmosphere. This detailed world-building, combined with the often ironic dialogues, provides a compelling backdrop for the game’s unfolding drama.

Set in the far future on a space ark under siege by mutants, Anima Flux immerses players in a narrative where they control two elite soldiers. The game’s cooperative mechanics allow players to combine the unique abilities of these characters, enhancing their effectiveness and vigor. This co-op feature, integrated into a traditionally single-player genre, is an aspect that Songraf and his team are particularly proud of. “This achievement stands out because we are pioneers in this approach.”

First big project

Anima Flux’s development process is marked by a high degree of collaboration and open communication within the team. “We prioritize interaction over comprehensive documentation. Although each member has specific responsibilities and primary duties, everyone on the team can contribute to all aspects of the project,” Songraf emphasizes. This inclusive approach ensures that every team member feels invested in the project.

Like any ambitious project, Anima Flux faced some difficulties throughout its development. “Every stage of development presented its challenges, especially since this is our first project of such scale and type. The main difficulty is establishing new processes and constantly refining them to achieve effective results,” Songraf recounts. The team’s solution to overcome obstacles effectively? “A solid determination to find answers and maintain an open communication.”

Avoid wasting time

Reflecting on the development journey, Songraf highlights the importance of adhering to development processes. “Following development processes correctly is crucial to avoid wasting time, money, and motivation,” he notes. This disciplined approach has been instrumental in bringing Anima Flux to life.

Looking ahead at the Q4 2024 launch on all major platforms, the team at Anima Flux has high hopes and clear plans for their game. “We hope to bring joy to our fans as we pour our hearts into this project. We are also ready to continue developing and perfecting the game as much as possible,” concludes Songraf.

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