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All aboard! Hamburg Games Conference makes the best of a bad situation

The Hamburg Games Conference (2-3 March) is a prime example of how a difficult situation forced the organisers to come up with a creative solution. Last year’s event was online only, forced by strict Covid regulations. But the online event was a festive affair thanks to the virtual cruise ship theme. It was such a success that this year’s hybrid event feels very much like a continuation of the fun. 

Yes, this year people are allowed to come by at the new location RCADIA in Hamburg for the conference but only under strict Covid safety rules. These Business Ticket holders can watch the full online program of the conference on both conference days in a cinema hall. They can also participate in the on-site part of the conference on March 3 – including networking, matchmaking and get-togethers. Plus, they can book both online and offline meetings with other participants via the MeetToMatch digital matchmaking system. 

Sidequests and level-ups

But ‘stay-at-homers’ don’t have to feel left out. Thanks to the playful platform that was introduced last year, visitors embark once more on a virtual cruise around the world. In five games industry harbours in the online world of the hybrid conference, participants can take part in matchmaking and networking with professionals from the games industry. The online conference world itself is designed as a playable game: so expect sidequests, challenges, collectible items and hidden level-ups. 

‘Futuroka’ is the first virtual harbour. Here, everything revolves around the future of the games industry. Five more virtual locations, each with a thematic focus, are waiting to be explored during the conference: ‘Businessborg’, where the next big deal awaits, ‘Indieapolis’, where creative indie studios present themselves, ‘Multiplayer E- Sport Topia’, where the focus lies on playing together and professional gaming and finally the home port of Hamburg as ‘free-to-play land. The virtual conference cruise ship serves as a central hub.

You can check the full conference program here. There are still tickets available for the virtual cruise ship here.


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